FCM Expert

A software tool for modeling, learning and simulating complex systems using Fuzzy Cognitive Maps.

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Main Features

FCM Expert is equipped with several experimentation options to support decision-making activities.
Moreover, it includes Machine Learning algorithms for tuning your cognitive model​.​

Modeling and Simulation

Scenario analysis through WHAT-IF simulations

Learning Algorithms

Heuristic methods for computing the network parameters.

Topology Optimization

Algorithms for optimizing the network topology.

Convergence Improvements

Algorithms for improving the network convergence.

Recent Works

Are you interested on fuzzy cognitive modeling and its applications? Are you a researcher looking for a challenge?
Keep up-to-date with the latest advances in theory and relevant applications of Fuzzy Cognitive Maps.

Meet our Team

Gonzalo Nápoles

Creator/Senior Developer

Maikel León


Isel Grau


Yailen Hernández


Koen Vanhoof

Scientific Advisor

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